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M-iClean – Undercounter Dishwasher

Product characteristics:

The best in dishwashing quality and efficiency Our many years of experience have shown us that the best results in terms of both cleanliness and costs are achieved using the latest reverse osmosis technology:

  • superb cleaning results
  • no lime-scale deposits on the washware
  • no risk of machine breakdowns and defects due to limescale deposits
  • longer maintenance intervals
  • lower consumption of detergent and rinse aid
  • more eco-friendly thanks to reduced load on sewage system
  • more cost-effective thanks to the elimination of manual polishing of glass and cutlery after washing plus fewer breakages
  • compact dimensions
  • includes full connection kit
  • fully integrated in the dishwasher control system


You can see from the very fi rst glance that the M-iClean embodies a whole new chapter in technology and design. From its striking LED indicator handle to its clearly arranged interior that lights up when the door is opened, the M-iClean is quite clearly in a league of its own. Innovative technology and clean lines are the order of the day, right down to the very last details. The M-iClean also throws dishwashing into a colourful new dimension with an LED indicator handle that

glows blue, green or red. The different colours provide a clear indication of the machine’s status, ranging from “Ready” (blue) and “Washing efficiently” (green, pulsing) to “Important message” (red). This revolutionary feature is designed to ensure maximum availability and efficiency.

From the hotel, catering and restaurant trade to butchers and bakeries, the M-iClean stands out in just about any setting, producing truly outstanding results.