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Hygienic and cost effective food waste treatment with the MEIKO AZP 80

This illustration clearly shows the compact design of the AZP 80. It consists of a grinding mechanism and a solid waste dewatering press combined to form a single unit. The appliance is suitable for the grinding and condensing of assorted bulk food waste, in addition to vegetable peelings and inorganic materials. The base of the grinding tank is covered with an easily removable stainless steel sieve basket. Metal items such as cutlery accidently thrown into the grinding tank drop directly into the sieve basket and not into the grinding teeth. In addition, any waste residue that remains after each operating period when the system has been drained down, also collects in the sieve baskets, allowing the unit to be quickly and easily cleaned. The housing of the de-watering press is fitted with an access door that provides easy access to the entire internal surface area for cleaning.

Food waste up to 450 kg/h

Mixed waste up to 320 kg/h