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CounterVario – is the flexible, space-saving solution for straightforward implementation in the front of house area. It is available in the widths 380/480/580/780 mm and can be just 480 mm or 620 mm deep (depending on the floor space). With its petite dimensions the CounterVario range is another inspiring product from MKN in Wölfenbüttel. The low unit height of 200 mm allows even better integration; making this range perfectly suited for use as an individual or table unit and therefore ideal for front of house cooking and serving areas.

You can choose from over 10 different appliances: Electric cooker VITRO (with ceramic hob), induction-wok, island and dual induction, griddle plates, griddle pan 3/4, bainmarie and cookmarie1/1 GN (with optional pasta cooking baskets). All induction cookers have MKN induction technology, the griddle plates and pans are supplied with the innovative MKN heating systems MKN-PowerBlock and MKN-Supra.

This product range is supplied ready to plug in and use.

Capacidad: 1/1 GN & 2/1 GN