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TD4008 – Automatic Cutlery Feeding Conveyor

Your Advantages at a glance:

  • Saving of time by automatic feeding
  • Reduction of the personnel costs
  • Integrated water bath leads to a perfect polishing
  • Automatic connection to a separate cutlery line of dishwasher possible
  • Direct delivery of cutlery into the cutlery polishing machine TD 8000
  • As manufacturer we offer you spareparts-guarantee and service

The simple operation of Cutlery Feeding Conveyor TD 4008 in combination with the Cutlery Polishing Machine TD 8000

The clean cutlery is put directly from dishwasher baskets or via an automatic connection from the dishwasher into the water bath of the cutlery feeding conveyor. By means of a conveying belt the cutlery is transported in suitable portions into the cutlery polishing machine TD 8000..

Inside the TD 8000, via an internal vibrating conveyor, the cutlery is spirally transported upwards through a high-grade granular substance. This purely natural product dries and polishes your cutlery and keeps it shining-with just a single run. The granulate has to be exchanged every 4-8 weeks depending on the frequency the machine is used.

Your cutlery will not only pass the inspection by your guests, it even meets the strict EU-Hygienic Guidelines: a special UVC-lamp sterilizes both, the cutlery and the granulate.

The constant use of the TD 8000 reduces the oxidation of cutlery in a remarkable way and makes it look noticeably better. As manufacturer we offer you a 10-years spare parts-guarantee and service.