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The System Cook&Chill


The System Cook&Chill

What is Cook&Chill?

Cook-Chill is a simple, controlled system of advanced food preparation designed to provide more flexibility in foodservice. The technique involves the full cooking of food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled temperatures (for up to five days). When required, the food must be regenerated before service.

The production system itself is simple to operate if well managed, and completely safe provided the Department of Health Guidelines on temperature/time controls are followed. Cook-Chill Systems have the added benefit of maintaining food quality, nutritional value, flavour and appearance. Installing a Cook-Chill System also offers the caterer added flexibility and management – and of course profitability! Avoid the risks of food poisoning – control bacteria Growth.

The very young and elderly are most at risk from food poisoning, however everyone can be affected and litigation and prosecutions are on the increase. Bacteria divide in two every 20 minutes and in 12 hours one bacteria multiplies to become almost 69 billion bacteria. With a proper Cook-Chill System and Williams Blast Chillers you can take the risk out of your operation.

How quickly will I be able to recover my investment?

Your business will be able to immediately recover a portion of your labour costs, reduce waste, maximize efficiency and increase turnover, which accelerate your ability to recover your investment.