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Formomat PL


Formomat PL – Reliable and economical


  • LTSF sterilization at 55°C, 60°C and 75°C
  • Reproducible and validatable sterilization cycles.
  • Perfect sterilization of temperature sensitive items even with long lumens.
  • Convincingly economical sterilization method in compliance with European Standard EN 14180
Capacity: 1,5 STU / 110 L

Convincing technology:

Everything has its form and everything needs its time. Particularly heat sensitive instruments with specific sizes and design need highly qualified processing ensuring gentle care of instruments and perfect sterilization at the same time – also for items with long lumens. The new MMM sterilizer series of Formomat features an optimized LTSF-method including economical, technological and organizational advantages. Examples: variable temperature process (55 – 75 °C), simple operation thanks to a new design of the MMM panel, clearly arranged documentation, economical use of consumables and process validation with real instruments. The Formomat sterilizer offers many outstanding features that will convince you.