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FV 40


FV 40 – Undercounter Dishwasher


Good things can always be done better, that is the philosophy of MEIKO – and the FV 40.2 is the

current proof. MEIKO produces diswashers which are different.

FV 40.2: Superior technology meets state-of-the art design.

A host of useful features provide the FV 40.2 with unique advantages making it the most suitable machine for all washing tasks.

The FV 40.2 comprises all that is useful and beneficial from an operator point of view.

  • User-friendly, intelligent fully electronic control system MIKE 2
  • The AktivPlus drain filter system
  • The MEIKO Aqua-Stop-System ASS
  • Soft start up to self-cleaning to protect the dishes from damage
  • And the GiO ModulE, the optional MEIKO reverse osmosis system

Basket dimensions (mm): 500 x 500 mm.

Capacity: Up to 40 baskets per hour.