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IFF Serie – Industrial cylinder heated drying ironers

Industrial cylinder heated drying ironers with integrated feeding and length folding.

Product features:

  • Large surface contact with linen over an angle of 300°
  • Chrome-plated cylinder for a better thermal conduction
  • Finger protection and emergency button for more safety
  • Durable NOMEX ironing belts
  • Automatic cool down
  • Easy to operate microprocessor: 20 pre-set ironing programmes
  • Indication of ironing speed and temperature
  • Reverse mode possible
  • Variable setups for folding
  • Built-in feeding and length folding system
  • Frequency controlled motor
  • Easy to remove lint filters
  • Standard anti-static bar
  • Easyfold® system requires less maintenance
Capacity: 500 mm (Diámetro Rodillo) + 2000  – 3200 mm (Longitud Rodillo)