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Kerstin 23 L

Gourmet- Thermalizer


Five different sizes are available, perfect for any application:

To begin with, as second unit for mobile use, for continuous operation, small or large portions. Using the machine fully loaded and which is heated from outside. No disturbing elements on the machine that reduces the volume or hinder cleaning.

Capacity: 6 - 51 L

The gourmet thermalizer was developed and optimized in close cooperation with experienced chefs for continuous use in kitchens.

The most important advantages of Gourmet Thermalizer:

  • Compact and stylish
  • Small footprint in large volumes
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Campos easy to understand operation
  • Instructions for customers tailored professional use
  • Designed for continuous use
  • Thermalizer is delivered without the pump; therefore, the water bath is durable and maintenance-free and wear
  • Digital Time Control
  • Exact temperature due to PID controller
  • The temperature can be adjusted in steps of 0.1 degrees from control
  • Setting range of temperature: from +25 ° C to + 85 ° C (optionally up to 98 ° C)
  • Innovative control due to core temperature sensor (optional)
  • Stainless steel housing with top quality stainless steel
  • Efficient energy saving 30% compared to a combined (steam) oven
  • High heating power due to central heating throughout the bottom of the pond, therefore, it is possible to obtain a uniform temperature distribution across the pond, and also when using grids of separation (optional)
  • The thermalizer is easy to clean as no disturbing heating elements in the tank, as well as due to the electro-polishing tank
  • Acoustic programmable timer up to 99 hours / resolution 1 minute
  • Three modes of operation:
    • With temperature gauge only
    • (Optional 🙂 S wave core temperature, acoustic signal and automatic shut off once the preset temperature is reached
    • Time temperature display and acoustic signal with automatic heating off after the preset time