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MIQ – Flight Type

M-iQ. Intelligent cleaning technology that sets new standards. Improved hygiene, safety, efficiency and ecology.

M-IQ Air Concept:

  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Conformity to DIN standards without compromise
  • No need for a direct exhaust air connection

M-IQ Filter:

  • Revolutionary filter system
  • Active food waste particle removal
  • Maximum efficiency of washing process

M-IQ Feeding Section Cleaning:

  • Hygienic cleaning for MEIKO starts at the infeed section.
  • Food particles are continously flushed away with a
  • powerful wave action. Like an enormous cleansing torrent.

M-iQ Washing Dynamics

MEIKO’s well-known high cleaning capacity has been significantly increased and optimised in the M-iQ.

Its washing dynamics achieve levels which have not previously been possible. Maximum cleaning power with a third less consumables and energy consumption.

A clean achievement.

M-iQ Filter

At the heart of the M-iQ is the M-iQ filter – ground breaking efficiency combined with state of the art engineering, used in this application for the very first time. The M-iQ filter introduces a revolutionary system.

Filtered food particles are actively removed from the wash water during the cleaning process. First the filter collects the food particles from the water and then rinses any residual food particles cyclically from the tank. Additional fresh water or detergent is not needed.

M-iQ Air Concept

The M-iQ air system means innovative air conduction.

The air is conducted from the hot clean area against the working direction to the cool feeding section. This prevents contamination of the clean area while retaining valuable heat energy for rinsing. It also reduces energy consumption to very low levels.

The M-iQ heat recovery module often makes a direct exhaust air connection unnecessary.

M-iQ Tank Management

Uniquely, the new type of M-iQ filter works in every tank – together they make the perfect team. The show-stopper: The system works against the working direction – the clean area stays truly clean and the residual particles collect far away from the hygienically clean washware. We do not even leave the water level of the tank to chance. Using the M-iQ filter we transfer water into the adjacent tank or into any tank that needs it, depending on its operational status.

M-iQ Energy Concept

No washing system yet has ever cleaned as gently and efficiently as the M-iQ. Valuable heat is actively recovered in the M-iQ heat module as a means of harnessing energy while at the same time cooling the exhaust air that flows through it. This intelligent distribution provides an optimal energy balance – and ensures the best climate in the wash-up area.

M-iQ Control Concept

The brain of the M-iQ is the BlueVision control software. All cleaning operations can be controlled from the CC-Touch glass display. Clever: only the menu items that can be used at any one time are displayed, doing away with non required information. The self-explanatory handling with a large TFT colour graphic display ensures reliable operation.

Every user group (kitchen management, cleaning staff, service, etc.) can call up extensive information from the memory or record it.

M-iQ Self Cleaning

Even at the end of a long day of cleaning, the M-iQ still thinks actively. With the tank water available the M-iQ simply cleans itself. Any food soil is discharged through the M-iQ filter with just one filling of the pumped final rinse. This continues in cycles until the machine is empty. Now only the few areas that are clearly blue need to be cleaned manually. But after the previous automatic cleaning this is easier and can be done more thoroughly, quickly and reliably than ever before.

M-iQ Platform Concept

Whatever the system designs for the use of the M-iQ might look like, modular M-iQ technology can be used in all situations. The M-iQ fits anywhere. The available conveyor widths and heights provide for optimal use of space and efficiency.

In other words: the M-iQ is at home everywhere.