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Signomat electrolytic marking devices


Marking devices and accessories for electrolytic marking

All the advantages of our marking technology at a glance:

  • Economical, professional and high-contrast
  • Marking of metallic objects of various shapes and sizes
  • Suitable for batches, medium series and large series
  • Letters, figures, graphics, brand names, dates and logos
  • No distorting influences, cracking, structural changes or thermal hindrances of the workpiece surface
  • Own production and construction
  • Continuous in-house development of devices and accessories
  • CE-approved, diverse, robust and very long-lasting marking devices
  • 3-year warranty on all devices
  • Our complete packages ensure an easy introduction to marking technology


With the Schilling marking  devices you can mark all  electroconductive objects quickly and easily. The marking technology is suitable for marking batches to large series and is especially easy to operate.