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For cannulated instruments

For cannulated instruments


Individual examination of instruments:

Clear identification of non-permeable or clogged instruments on the display. Message on touchscreen: “Instrument at channel 5 is clogged”

Suction rinsing principale:

The contamination will not be transported through the complete lumen.
Dirt particles and undesired deposits are to be able to fix at the joints, narrow points and near the handles.

Universal adapter:

The universal adapter allows a connection of max. 12 cannulated MIS Instruments with an outside diameter 1-10 mm. A change of the seal is not necessary.

Flexible application:

Three selectable modes allow the reprocessment of different instrument
types e.g. cannulated/rinsable and dismountable instruments as well as ordinary instruments like scissors and forceps etc.

Possible application:

Modus 1 = Disinfection and cleaning of rinseable MIS instruments
Modus 2 = cleaning of rinseable MIS instrumentsç
Modus 3 = Disinfection and cleaning of simple instruments


Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning:

  • Fast instrument circulation
  • Disinfection time is reduced to 5 minutes
  • Gentle intensive cleaning
  • Instruments are getting in touch with the disinfection solution only for a short time – no risk of corrosion
  • Economical use of resources as water, chemicals and electricity
  • Rapid cleaning of places difficult to reach such as cavities, holes etc. without provoking mechanical damage