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neodisher® flooractive


neodisher® flooractive – Thorough cleaning of floors and walls

Product characteristics:

Fields of application:

  • For the thorough cleaning of floors and walls in all food processing fields such as professional kitchens, butcher´s shops and bakeries.
  • Effectively removes in particular animal and vegetable fats, blood and other protein-based soilings as well as food residues.
  • Due to the active chlorine ingredients of the product organic deposits and vegetable colourants are easily solved and the formation of protein films is inhibited.
  • Suitable for wiping as well as for use with lowpressure cleaning machines and foam cleaners.
  • Suitable for all alkaline-resistant surfaces made of chrome nickel steel, rubber and plastic (e.g. epoxy resin and methylmedacrylage) as well as for tiles and cement brick. Highly suitable for difficult to clean antiskid surfaces (e.g. safety tiles).
  • Not suitable for surfaces made of aluminium, aluminium alloys, other light metals as well galvanised materials.

Special properties:

  • Fast and powerful cleaning action.
  • Highly economical and very foam-active.
  • Free of perfumes and colourant agents.