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Sterilization Rolls


Bilaminate PAPER ROLLS for sterilization


Transparent and sealable paper rolls for steam sterilization and ethylene oxide.


Material developed for use as a surgical packing material. This package provides protection against biological and chemical contamination of sterilized material until use. The surgical equipment should be introduced into the sleeve, then it should be sealed by heat so that the sleeve is completely closed before sterilization. After sterilization the material must be properly stored until use. It is recommended that the seal has a thickness of at least 6 mm. The space between the sterile instrument and the sealing device should be at least 30 mm on each side.

Sealing temperature:

Recommended sealing temperature is in the range of 180-200 ° C – Printed on the package.

* It is recommended to set the seal on the average of the range in order to avoid being left out by margins own tolerance of the sealant.

Always validate the process.