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Selectomat PL


Selectomat PL – Always two steps ahead.

A powerful performance:

  • Well-structured touch screen
  • User-friendly operator guidance
  • TeleClock: display of remaining cycle time
  • Autostart and stand-by function
  • Powerful low-noise vacuum pump
  • Short cycle times
  • Fully automatic or manual loading and unloading
  • High cost-effectiveness thanks to low water and
  • energy consumption
  • Cycle data storage on internal storage medium
  • Interface for external documentation systems
  • German engineering and brand quality
Capacity: 2 – 18 STU / 318 – 1260 L

Safety and reliability.:

With the Selectomat PL, MMM has developed a state-ofthe-art steam sterilizer which meets every demand of our customers and anticipates future requirements. Safety is one of the most decisive factors in sterile processing. Successful sterilization is documented by batch protocols and print-outs generated through user-friendly software. The Selectomat PL steam sterilizers can deal with even the most complex sterilization tasks. Thanks to quality German engineering, the Selectomat PL is a steam sterilizer designed to comply with German and European regulations on medical devices. Comprehensive quality management and thorough final testing in our manufacturing plants ensure that our customers get more than a “made in Germany” stamp. The Selectomat PL meets all relevant CE directives (such as MDD 93/42/EEC and PED 97/23/EEC) and all important standards such as EN 285, DIN EN 60601 and DIN EN 61010 and bears the CE mark. The compliance with these guidelines is regularly audited. MMM is a certified company according to EN ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 9001:2000.