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Gourmet – Thermalizer


Five different sizes are available, perfect for any application: To start with, as second appliance, for mobile use, for continuous operation, for small or large dishes. Full usage of the whole machine since it is heated from the outside. No disturbing elements in the machine which would reduce the volume or make cleaning difficult.

Capacity: 6 - 51 L

The Gourmet thermalizer was developed and optimized in close cooperation with experienced chefs for continuous operation in kitchens.

The most important advantages of the Gourmet thermalizer:

  • Compact and stylish
  • Small footprint at large volumes
  • Outstanding price performance ratio
  • Easy to understand operating fields
  • Professional operating instructions suited to the customers
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Thermalizer is delivered without pump; therefore the water bath is durable, maintenance- and wear-free
  • Digital time control
  • Temperature accuracy due to PID controller
  • The temperature can be set in steps of 0.1 degree on the control
  • Temperature setting range: from +25 °C to + 85 °C, (optionally up to 98 °C)
  • Innovative control due to core temperature probe (optional)
  • High quality stainless steel housing including stainless steel lid
  • Efficient – energy saving compared with combi-steamer about 30%
  • Optimum heat distribution due to convective water circulation
  • High heating power due to the panel heating on the whole bottom of the tank thus it is possible to obtain a uniform temperature distribution in the whole tank, also if the separation grids (optional) are used
  • The thermalizer is easy to clean since there are no disturbing heating elements in the tank as well as due to the electro-polished tank
  • Serial dry running protection with automatic switch-off of the heating as soon as the water level is no longer sufficient
  • Programmable acoustic timer adjustable up to 99 hours / resolution