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TopLine 20


Topline 20

Floor mounted appliances (with or without slop sink)

A work unit which is versatile in its functions, easy to install and compact. Consisting of the TopLine 20 cleaning and disinfection appliance with plinth and a slop sink specially designed to accompany it.

Dimensions (mm):
w 1000, d 450 or 600, h (appliance) 1730

This is how TopLine will help with the prevention of infections and the protection of patients and staff alike:

  • Complete system disinfection at every program start
  • Care utensils cooled and dried using HEPA fi ltered air
  • Completely steam-tight system. No discharge of steam at all, even not when the door is opened at the end of the program
  • Certified according to EN ISO 15883 by an independent and accredited test institute.
  • Energy-optimised disinfection process. Only the energy needed to achieve the pre-set A0 value is consumed
  • Display of the AIM and ACTUAL A0 value
  • A0 value of 60 and more can be set at will
  • Communicative 4 x 20 characters plain text display with energy saving mode
  • Nozzle system arranged to provide intensive cleaning, with unique controllable telescopic rotary jet for precisely targeted
  • internal cleaning of the care utensils