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TopLine 30


Topline 30

For the flush wall installation into bathrooms

Cleaning and disinfection appliance TopLine 30 with WC outlet for the bathroom in the patients’ room, e. g. on the isolation ward. With mounting frame and complete piping as well as central connections for all commercially available WC types.

Dimensions (mm):
Basic frame: w 650, d 450, h 2210
Visible fronts: w 530, h 1760

This is how TopLine will help with the prevention of infections and the protection of patients and staff alike:

  • Complete system disinfection at every program start
  • Care utensils cooled and dried using HEPA fi ltered air
  • Completely steam-tight system. No discharge of steam at all, even not when the door is opened at the end of the program
  • Certified according to EN ISO 15883 by an independent and accredited test institute.
  • Energy-optimised disinfection process. Only the energy needed to achieve the pre-set A0 value is consumed
  • Display of the AIM and ACTUAL A0 value
  • A0 value of 60 and more can be set at will
  • Communicative 4 x 20 characters plain text display with energy saving mode
  • Nozzle system arranged to provide intensive cleaning, with unique controllable telescopic rotary jet for precisely targeted
  • internal cleaning of the care utensils