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TS1000 – Automatic vacuum tray-sealing


TS1000 – Automatic vacuum tray-sealing


The TS-1000 fully automatic vacuum tray-sealing machine provides fast, economical and versatile packing
in high quantities in a short period of time with vacuum, gas flushing (MAP) or only simply sealing.
If high volume has to be packed this is the right machine for you. Simply load the filling trays onto the in-feed conveyor, the rest is done automatically by the TS-1000. The trays are transported out of the machine after
packing and can be labelled and weighed afterwards.

Standard equipment

  • Gas flushing (MAP)
  • Vacuum pump: 60 cbm/h
  • User friendly SPS sensor control board from Siemens (all parameters
    can be changed and stored in this control board)
  • Error message display on control board
  • Contour cutting around each tray
  • Servo cycled chain in feed conveyor for the trays
  • Exit conveyor
  • Film transport with film break
  • Filling plates for the vacuum chamber, resulting in faster vacuum times
    and less gas usage
  • Stainless steal frame construction
  • Trim removal system
  • Integrated splash water resistant control box
  • Quick changing of the die set
  • Teflonised and temperature controlled sealing plate
  • 6 different transport speeds
  • Slow start and stopping of conveyor for liquids
  • Air pressure sealing
  • High security because of security covers on all movable parts
  • Short construction but 3 loading zones free
  • Oil change indicator
  • Cycle counter
  • Step vacuum
  • Vacuuming up to the evaporation point
  • Air pressure and gas pressure is controlled
  • Simple change of film because of manual film transport
  • 99 programms possible
  • Control board password protected
  • Service program for film and die set