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Uniclean PLII

Uniclean PLII

Washer – Disinfector

for the gentle sterile (re)processing of medical devices according to

EN ISO 15883-1 and EN ISO 15883-2.

High value manufacturing quality, reliable MMM technology and an attractive user-friendly interface are only some of the benefits of the new Uniclean PL II.

  • Surgical instruments
  • MIS instruments
  • Ophthalmic instruments
  • Anaesthetic material
  • Container, Bowls
  • Theatre shoes
  • Bottles
  • Utensils
  • 4D-Washing system – efficient and cost-effective washing performance
  • H-FLOW drying – powerful drying system
  • JANUS-Water docking system – perfect water allocation, easy loading
  • MMM smart HMI – user-friendly operation
  • Service excellence – modular machine concept

4D-Washing system Service excellence:

  • Highly efficient washing system: pump pressure, water volume
  • and the detergents are aligned perfectly
  • Full chamber coverage: round rotating spray arm geometry with
  • upward and downward spray nozzles
  • Consistent pressure and water allocation up to all 4 connections
  • (rotating spray arms and JANUS basket connection)
  • Low water and detergent consumption
  • Short cycle times

Service excellence:

  • Easy dismantling of rotating spray arms for daily cleaning
  • Cleaning of the chamber fine filter without tools
  • Service access from the front
  • Secure service menu via password
  • Plug-in sockets for fast exchange of components and measuring probes

High process safety: reliable in conformance with the Norms:

  • PLC processor with integrated PPV system
  • (Process-Parameter-Verification system)
  • MMM smart HMI: simple user interface (colour touch screen)
  • A0 controlled and documented thermal disinfection
  • TCP/IP connection for batch documentation
  • A4 print out of batch documentation
  • Three-colour LED chamber lightning with integrated status code

H-FLOW high performance drying system:

  • Two level drying system without loss of heat
  • Horizontal turbulent air circulation between all levels
  • Integrated air turbine with heating system for short drying cycles
  • Air turbine and integrated heating elements are cleaned and disinfected with every cycle

Modular basket system with JANUS connection:

  • JANUS water docking system: perfect and optimal water distribution within all levels of the basket
  • Modular basket system for individual applications
  • 180° loading possible

Perfect human engineering and safe handling with small footprint:

  • Ergonomic loading height
  • Small footprint with a width of 1000 mm
  • Easy Move: Baskets move with minimal physical effort
  • Cool Touch silicone handholds on the baskets to protect user